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Branche:Elektronik, Elektrotechnik


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Land: Marokko
Region: Marokko
Ort: Casablanca
Straße: 36? Boulevard Abdellah Ben Yassine N°29
Telefon: +212 22 543188
Fax: +212 22 447946
Firm Rank: 0
We are a well established company based in Casablanca / Morocco Recently we have started trading in used computer items - computers and monitors. We are importing good quality used equipments from all over the world, and are looking to form relationships with regular buyers from everywhere.[...]

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Land: Marokko
Region: Marokko
Ort: Meknes
Straße: 12, Rue de Paris- Ville Nouvelle
Telefon: +212 212 61162562
Fax: +212 53 402504
Firm Rank: 0
We are an Import company located in the Heart of Morocco specializing in Textile and Consumer Electronics. You are welcomed to contact us for any other deal as we buy anything and everything that sells. We also can represent you here in Morocco Regards Aziz -Owner[...]