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Branche:Elektronik, Elektrotechnik


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Land: Mexiko
Region: Mexiko
Ort: Merida
Straße: Calle 88A #167, Algarrobos
Telefon: +58 999 9138684
Fax: +58 999 9138684
Firm Rank: 0
Hoffmann S.A. de C.V. is a strong distributor of electrionical companes in Mexico, we can provide any electronical component as a wholsaler. Hoffmann S.A de C.V. was establishing in 1973 and has been specialized in the manufacturing of switches. In 1993 was the company hired from Marquardt GmbH and also was transferred the hole production from Russenberger switches from France to Mexico. Russenberger switches are a very well now trade mark in the world and is now produce in Mexico with an excellent[...]