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Branche:Elektronik, Elektrotechnik


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Land: Iran
Region: Iran
Ort: Atehran
Straße: Sattarkhan
Telefon: +98 21 44228586
Fax: +98 21 44228585
Firm Rank: 0
Pishraneh Co. was established in 1991 and started it's mass production at the same time. It is conducting research, designing and producing projects in Electronics, Electro mechanics & Machine tools. Major products of the corporation includes: Different kinds of Voltage Protectors , Stabilizers , U.P.S. , Halogen Transformers , Adapters , Inverters, and types of Spark Erosion machines (one of the E.D.M. machine tools). after its extensive scientific and practical research, pishraneh company[...]