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Efiqual Argentina S.A. more

Land: Argentinien
Region: Argentinien
Ort: Bella Vista
Straße: Cjal Acosta (Ex Formosa) 1621
Telefon: +54 11 46666886
Fax: +54 11 46666886op36
Firm Rank: 0
Basicly our activity is based on the manufacturer of the equipment for the assembly of any gas station, compressors, Dispensers, panels of command, spouts and storage. We are also looking forward to dealers in different country.[...]

Xpower more

Land: Argentinien
Region: Argentinien
Ort: Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Straße: Francisco de Cespedes 3969
Telefon: +54 011 45537853
Fax: +54 011 45537853
Firm Rank: 0
Developer, manufacturer and seler of electronic componentes for converting petrol cars into CNG used as fuel. We sell our devices all around the world. Our brand name Xpower and LogiKa are well knowned in CNG conversion specialists. We bring technical asistance by e-mail.[...]