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Gas. Save Power Injector Plus more

Land: Philippinen
Region: Philippinen
Ort: Quezon
Straße: #46 Zuzuarregui St., Commonwealth Ave
Telefon: +63 920 5057434
Fax: +63 2 4042883
Firm Rank: 0
GAS.SAVE PLUS is a “CATALYCTIC INJECTOR” that is attached to the INTAKE MANIFOLD of our engine. It “VAPORIZES IN FINE TUNE” the air in fuel mixture to the correct “STOICHIOMETRIC” ratio (14.6 parts air to 1 part fuel). Then it distributes this vaporized in correct mixture UNIFORMLY in ABUNDANTLY to the COMBUSTION CHAMBERS. Moreover it “DESINTEGRATED” and EXPELS the CARBON DEPOSITS ACCUMULATED in the combustion chamber thus more air in FUEL MIXTURE can enter the combustion chambers,[...]