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Land: Frankreich
Region: Frankreich
Ort: bezons
Straße: bd e. vaillant
Telefon: +33 787 551823
Firm Rank: 0
Liste der Unternehmen Hauptsitz von Wirtschaftssektoren, Finanz-Indizes oder Ländern jede Liste zwischen 9,90 $ und 19,90 $ USD USD direkten Download in Ihr E-Mail- Liste mit Unternehmen-Adresse-Postleitzahl-city-Land-phone-Fax-website-E-Mail-manager-Kategorie vorgesehen[...]

UPSI more

Land: Frankreich
Region: Frankreich
Ort: Champigny Sur Narne
Straße: 951 Rue Marcel Paul
Telefon: +33 1 45161820
Fax: +33 1 45161829
Firm Rank: 0
UPSI, manufactures and sells humidity and temperature sensors and measuring electronic systems, designed by the SPSI, research and development laboratories, specialised for 30 years in physical quantities measurement. The company capacitive technologies researches and development have been successfully employed in specific civilians and militaries applications for fifteen years, where others market products accuracy and reliability could not meet the requirements. During the last years these reliability[...]