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Branche:Transport & Spedition


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SC Zemaitijos Pienas more

Land: Litauen
Region: Litauen
Ort: Telsiai
Straße: Sedos 35
Telefon: +370 6161 3227
Fax: +370 444 22257
Firm Rank: 0
SC “Žemaitijos pienas” was founded in 1924 and is among the leading-edge dairy companies in Lithuania and the Baltic States. In order to meet the needs of consumers, SC “Žemaitijos pienas” focuses on product quality and puts special emphasis on making sure that they are healthy, natural and without chemical additives. SC “Žemaitijos pienas” is a modern company with profitable daughter companies SC “Klaipëdos pienas” and SC “Šilutës Rambynas” and owns 270 milk collection[...]

UAb Nemantrans more

Land: Litauen
Region: Litauen
Ort: Vilnius
Straße: A.Rotundo
Telefon: +370 5 2496347
Fax: +370 5 2496347
Firm Rank: 0
The company NEMANTRANS transport firm which occupies with the trucking industry around Europe, Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States. Our main direction is export-import transportation by car. We do the express service on delivery of freights to 2,5 tons and 20 cubes in volume. We press towards the best solution of every truck haulage. Your freight is controlled till the place of destination. Any moment you can get the information about you freight and it’s location. You can leave[...]


Land: Litauen
Region: Litauen
Ort: Wilno
Straße: Smolensko 19/1f
Telefon: +37052395292
Fax: +37052395292
Firm Rank: 0