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MLK Consulting and Brokers Group more

Land: Argentinien
Region: Argentinien
Ort: buenos aires
Straße: florida 375
Telefon: +54 11 51283033
Firm Rank: 0
MLK Group is a leading company dedicated to represent Argentine producers/exporters, based on our solid experience obtained through our long presence in the market. We are capable to offer the best and quick quotations. Please see below some of the main products we offer. CANARY SEED DRIED PEAS (GREEN & YELLOW) LENTILES (4/5MM) POP CORN (38/40 & 40/42) BEANS (WHITE / BLACK / RED) SOYBEAN SUNFLOWER SEEDS (18/64 20/64 22/64)[...]

CONTAINERS GLOBAL, Venta De Contenedores Maritimos more

Land: Argentinien
Region: Argentinien
Ort: Buenos Aires
Straße: Hernandarias 110
Telefon: +54 11 43070677
Fax: +54 911 57133585
Firm Rank: 0
Our company, with diverse business in leasing and resale of standard / special dry freight marine containers to the global and local markets. Containers for overseas export, domestic applications and customizing. Our fleet consists of all sizes, materials and types of transportation equipment. CONTAINERS GLOBAL sources containers from all largest leasing companies and liners. When you do business with CONTAINERS GLOBAL, You not only get high quality equipment where you need it, you get unrivaled[...]