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Branche:Transport & Spedition


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Freja A/S more

Land: Dänemark
Region: Dänemark
Ort: Hørning
Straße: Torshøjvej 45
Telefon: +45 87402727
Firm Rank: 0
These are the simple values with which FREJA’s founder, Jørgen Hansen, founded his transport company in 1985. And these are the same values that have ensured a positive, healthy development for the company since its modest beginnings. Things began to move in 1990. The company in Skive acquired a subsidiary in Copenhagen. A number of strategic acquisitions within the sector in 1996 gave FREJA access to new markets including Finland, Benelux, Italy and the Far East. It was now increasingly feasible[...]

Logitrans A/S more

Land: Dänemark
Region: Dänemark
Ort: Ribe
Straße: Hillerupvej 35
Telefon: +45 76 881600
Fax: +45 76 881602
Firm Rank: 0
Logitrans a/S was founded in 1940 At the beginning of the 70s, logitrans started the production of material handling equipment. Through continued development and the long experience, logitrans today offers a wide range of standard products with various options almost without limitations, and tailor-made solutions to special transport, handling and lifting jobs. The products from logitrans solve handling problems in an ergonomic, flexible and efficient way - always from a human point of view[...]