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Featured companies

Eurofirma ARTO P.P.H. Spółka Jawna more

Land: Polen
Region: Masowien
Ort: Stare Babice
Straße: Warszawska 362
Telefon: +48 22 7229977
Fax: +48 22 7229979
Firm Rank: star
logoARTO company was established since 1990 year and is based in the same place at Warszawska street no 362 Zielonki naar Warsaw from the beggining to date. We try to do our best to make our offer wider. Our current offer for wholesale customers is as follow: - DINEX the exhaust systems for trucks and bus, - CARSOUND the universal catalityc converters, - SENIOR FLEXONICS the universal double ply flexible couplings with or without braid liner, - WITZENMANN the flexible couplings mainly for VW group[...]

Eurofirma PPHU ROCH more

Land: Polen
Region: Schlesien
Ort: Tarnowskie Góry
Straße: Skrzypczyka
Telefon: +48 032 3819940
Fax: +48 032 3819960
Firm Rank: star
logoPPHU ROCH possesses the many years – experience in production , repairs of the hydraulics parts for firms of all lines. The firm ROCH offers : REPAIRS : - support chip of the aid of the wheel of trucks of the domestic output and foreign - support chip of the aid of the wheel of passenger cars and delivery van - support chip builders machines - servo-motors of the tippler of semitrailers ,tipping-lorries and trailers - servo-motors of hydraulic builders machines - the installation of[...]


Land: Polen
Region: Großpolen
Ort: Poznań
Straße: Piękna 16
Telefon: +48 61 8417795
Fax: +48 61 8473372
Firm Rank: star
Representative of Swedish companies ATLAS COPCO, SANDVIK As an authorised distibutor we sell power tools of ATLAS COPCO company, pneumatic assembly tools, compressors and generators. 1) COMPRESSED AIR TECHNIQUE industrial and portable compressors; generating sets 2) INDUSTRIAL TECHNIQUE Atlas Copco – Milwaukee power tools industrial assembly-pneumatic tools 3) MINING AND CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUE construction tools (pneumatic, hydraulic) mining equipment for loading and transport equipment[...]

Eurofirma TGR-serwis Tomasz Grabowski more

Land: Polen
Region: Masowien
Ort: Płońsk
Straße: Brody 13a
Telefon: +48 23 6613983
Fax: +48 23 6613983
Firm Rank: star

Eurofirma Car Tuning Centrum more

Land: Polen
Region: Masowien
Ort: Warszawa
Straße: Koryncka 32a
Telefon: +48 022 6133927
Fax: +48 022 6133927
Firm Rank: star
logoCar Tuning Centrum offer car styling parts, suspensions, engine parts. We provide accessories : Remus Simoni Racing Ulter Michael-Wupex EBA Brisk K&N Green The company exist since 1994. At the begining we were selling only parts to the Fiat cars, then we started to sell parts and accessories to other cars. Then we create a workshop which provide profesional parts and accessories instalation. We offer profesional tuning of suspensions, brakes, engine and of course inner and extern[...]

Eurofirma Apexway Products Corp. more

Land: Taiwan
Region: Taiwan
Ort: Taichung
Straße: 8f-12, no.77, shih-jen n. 1st rd.
Telefon: +886 4 22512251
Fax: +886 4 22512129
Firm Rank: star
logoWe have been one of leading tire manufacturers and exporters in Taiwan area since 1975. With various and capable tire and wheel production lines, our company provides outstanding products and efficient services to meet our customers' orders and needs. Currently, in order to meet the growing requirements, our company also offers assembling services to our OEM customers. We are a customer-oriented company. Supported by our professional and experienced staff members, we have won a good reputation[...]

Szkoła Jazdy Gepard more

Land: Polen
Region: Kujawen und Pommern
Ort: Bydgoszcz
Straße: Focha 34
Telefon: +48 052 3455555
Firm Rank: star

S.I.A.P. Sp. z o.o. more

Land: Polen
Region: Schlesien
Ort: Gliwice
Straße: Pszczyńska 206
Telefon: +48 032 2382788
Fax: +48 032 2382788
Firm Rank: star