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[Polen]We will accept Your representation in Poland

We are polish designer and producer of ventilation drivers used in cultivating. By reason of dynamic development we invite you for cooperation. If Your company is a producer of electronic elements and you are planning widen market of Your recipient, we can introduce your products on polish market with amenity. Don't hesitate to let us know any your requests. We will answer on each question willfully.[...]

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[China]Neueste Led Leuchtstofflicht Preisangebot

Handy:+86-13425112909 Phone:+86-0755-27899951 Skype:led27899962 " Neueste Led Leuchtstofflicht Preisangebot Nr. "Eingang Spannung" "AusgangSpannung" Helligkeit SMD/pcs Leistung Länge "Preis $/pcs" PX-26W 100-285V 36-80V 2200lm 2835/144 26W 1.8m 12.2 PX-22W 1800lm 2835/120 22W 1.5m 10.6 PX-18W 1500lm 2835/96 18W 1.2m 7.8 PX-14W 1200lm 2835/72 14W 0.9m 6.8 PX-8/9W [...]


[China]led Rampenlicht aus China

Macht Basis Größe Material Oberfläche Preis/USD 1W MR16 ¢32*H38mm Aluminum Silberoxid 2.7 E27 ¢32*H55mm 2.8 GU10 ¢32*H54mm 2.9 1W MR16 ¢35*H46mm Aluminum Silberoxid 2.8 E27 ¢35*H61mm 2.9 GU10 ¢35*H60mm 2.9 1W MR16 ¢50*H45mm Aluminum Silberoxid 3 E27 ¢50*H63mm 3.1 GU10 ¢50*H60mm 3.1 3W MR16 ¢50*H45mm Aluminum[...]


[China]neue led deckenleuchte

Macht Größe Loch Material Oberfläche Preis 1W ¢52*H19mm 44mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 3.4 1W ¢68*H25mm 56mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 3.8 3W ¢68*H25mm 56mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 4.4 3W ¢85*H45mm 71mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 3 3W ¢90*H45mm 75mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 5 9W ¢90*H70mm 75mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 7 9W ¢85*H70mm 71mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 7 6W ¢106*H70mm 92mm #6063 Aluminum[...]


[China]2013 beliebte Aluminium-Druckguss LED Deckenleuchte

Aluminium-Druckguss LED ceiling light price list Nr. Größe Leistung Preis NS-THD-005 Durchmesser:90mm 3W 5.5 Loch:75cm "weisser Ring schwarzer Heizkörper" NS-THD-006 Durchmesser:110mm 5w 7.9 7W 10.2 Loch:90mm "weisser Ring schwarzer Heizkörper" NS-THD-007 Durchmesser:140mm "9w 13.4 [...]


[China]flexible led streifen lohnt sich

Farbe LED Typ LED Anzahl Größe Leistung/M Spannung RED 3528 SMD 60LEDs/m 1000*8*2mm 4.8W/m DC 12V YELLOW 3528 SMD 60LEDs/m 1000*8*2mm 4.8W/m DC 12V BLUE 3528 SMD 60LEDs/m 1000*8*2mm 4.8W/m DC 12V GREEN 3528 SMD 60LEDs/m 1000*8*2mm 4.8W/m DC 12V WHITE 3528 SMD 60LEDs/m 1000*8*2mm 4.8W/m DC 12V Warm white 3528 SMD 60LEDs/m 1000*8*2mm 4.8W/m DC 12V RGB 3528 SMD 60LEDs/m 1000*8*2mm 4.8W/m DC 12V RED 3528 SMD 120LEDs/m 1000*8*2mm[...]


[China]led instrumententafel-leuchten

Nr. Größe LED Farbtemperatur Eingangspannung Ausgangspannung Macht 1 ¢180mm 3014/90pcs 3000-6500k AC85-265V DC30-40V 10W 2 ¢240mm 3014/132pcs 3000-6500k AC85-265V DC30-40V 15W 3 ¢300mm 3014/156pcs 3000-6500k AC85-265V DC30-40V 18W Bemerkung: 1.Der[...]


[China]led Flchlicht geringe Preis

Spannung Macht Größe Farbe des Lichtkörpers Farbtemperatur "AC 85-265V" 10W 115*85mm silbrig / schwarz 2700-7000K "AC 85-265V" 20W 180*140mm silbrig / schwarz 2700-7000K "AC 85-265V" 30W 235*185mm silbrig / schwarz 2700-7000K "AC 85-265V" 50W 285*235mm silbrig / schwarz 2700-7000K "AC 85-265V" 70W 285mm*370mm silbrig / schwarz 2700-7000K "AC 85-265V"[...]


[China]RGB spotlight+24 keys remote control

PX-XLRGB-3-E27 3W Input AC85-265V Output DC5V RGB 16colors Red:620-625nm Green:520-525nm Blue:460-465nm" 16 Sinlgecolor 4 multicolor Base:E27 LED Quantity:1 piece Materail:Aluminum,PVC Angle:45---140° Size:50*62mm Unit packing:52*65mm Carton packing(100pcs):L33*W30*H26cm Weight:90g(incl 24 Keys IR remote control)[...]


[China]cherry tree light

PX-CL-001 540LEDs Height:1.5M Width: 1.0M Power:50W Light pole mounted together with twigs Branch 1.6*0.35*0.35/5PCS" " Weight 8KG Volume/PCS 0.04m³" Red/Yellow US$43.75 Green/Blue/White US$47.92 Pink/Purple US$52.08[...]